Best of Kamikoto Knife Sets for 2021: Kamikoto Knives Review

kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto Knives Review

Chefs around the globe are very fond of Kamikoto knives, a Japanese maker of knives, and It is always their preference to use cutting-edge sharp, meticulous, and well-balanced knives. For a knife enthusiast or a master chef, a perfect knife is one that is made of high-quality steel that will last for a long time. 

However, finding a brand that makes such durable knives is difficult. Nonetheless, you can count on the Kamikoto knives for a blade made from Japanese Honshu steel. There is an excellent standpoint look at Kamikoto products, which makes them very popular with home cooks and chefs.

Kamikoto makes traditional Japanese knives through the same traditional methods. Modern touches are often added to Japanese knives manufactured by some other manufacturers. However, Kamikoto stays steadfastly faithful to the classic style. No matter what your reasons are to buy a top-quality set of kamikoto knives, whether, you need a new Japanese knife set for cooking purposes in the kitchen or display purposes. 

In this kamikoto knives review, we will discuss all aspects of this traditional knife manufacturer and whether or not they indeed are so good, or would it be better to look at other options such as shun knives?

Best Kamikoto Knives

kamikoto 3 knife set reviews

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

An elegant wooden box holds the three pieces of Kamikoto knife set. They are made of corrosion-resistant steel, a material that isn't common on high-end knives. Besides the 7inch vegetable-cutting Nakiri knife, this set comes with an 8.5-inch slicing knife, as well as a 5-inch utility knife. 

5 of 5 stars

kamikoto 7-inch santoku genten

Kamikoto 7-inch Santoku Chef Knife

A single-beveled chef's knife made from corrosion-resistant steel, measuring seven inches long. There are bold, angular lines that blend smoothly with classic stylings on this elegant wooden box. The Kamikoto Santoku could make food preparation more exciting if you're looking for one single knife.

4 of 5 stars

kamikoto senshi

Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand

Included in this set are two knives, each measuring 5.5 inches, and 10 inches in length. You also get a well-designed stand that puts the knives prominently on view with this dual knife set. You can easily remove the knives from the frame when they are needed.

3 of 5 stars

  • Brand History

  • Blade Manufacturing Process

Brand History

Kamikoto's headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, where the family strives to create the finest Japanese steel knives in the world. Honshu Island still produces stainless steel for the blades.

While Kamikoto is a Chinese company, their knives are marketed as Japanese. But Kamikoto knives are now produced in Japan and China, both famous for their ages of experience with sword making and knife making.

To create knives that will last a lifetime, All Kamikoto's knives are handmade. Their materials are only of the highest quality, while their techniques and processes adhere to old-world traditions. Kamikoto knives have been made by several generations of the Kamikoto family since 1908.

As a result, Kamikoto has grown into a worldwide company, mainly due to the durability and low maintenance of its high-quality stainless steel. The Japanese Navy even used their Katana blades.

Although there is often confusion about the product quality, all the products they made are Japanese steel. The Kamikoto Kanpeki knives were created by master craftsmen using the same ray that has made Japan's knives famous for centuries.

Kamikoto Knives Review

kamikoto kanpeki knife set

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

  • Set of 3 Knives 8.5-inch slicing knife, 5-inch utility knife, and a 7-inch Nakiri vegetable knife with finished wooden box.
  • They are made of Honshu high-quality non- corrosion Japanese steel, with satin coating on the blade and the handle, making them non-slippery.
  • The package weighs 3.97 pounds, and its dimensions are 15.3 x 7.6 x 2 inches.
Designed by an expert craftsman for a thousand years, each knife in the Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set has a unique pattern. Honshu steel is used in the construction of these knives, making them durable and corrosion-resistant.

The set includes a Nakiri knife of 7 inches for cutting vegetables, an 8.5-inch knife for slicing, and a 5-inch utility knife. These knives feature satin coating on all the handles and blades, making them an upscale and collector-worthy set. On one side of each blade, the ground is hollow, while on the other, it is tapered. The knife's edge and handle are both made from satin.

They are boxed in ash wood with a light colouring and a nature-inspired design. It's quite possible that these would go well with an earthy kitchen. They are also handy for cutting and chopping all kinds of foods with ease.

Knives made from high-carbon steel are beautiful and well-made. It makes parties more exciting when they're a gift to remember. They're easy to look after, hold an edge well, and leave your guests in awe.

Cutting Knife

Cutting knife measuring 8.5 inches, worn as a chef's knife. This knife is perfect for cutting fish and meat precisely.

Nakiri Knife

Nakiri knife with a 7-inch blade. Traditional blades of this type have been used for cutting a variety of vegetables for years.

Utility Knife

Utility knife with a 5-inch blade. Utility knives are great for anything the Nakiri or slicer cannot handle. Herbs, onions, and garlic also work well with it.


  • Three knives set, suitable for display and use in the kitchen.
  • The blade is made up of high-quality Honshu steel.
  • A beautiful wooden box is included with the certificate of authenticity.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the knives is easier.
  • Knife made of satin that is good for grip.


  • Compared to other Japanese knife brands, this one is slightly more expensive.
  • It is not safe to put the knives in the dishwasher.
kamikoto 7-inch santoku knife

Kamikoto 7-inch Santoku Chef Knife

  • A general-purpose 7-inch kitchen knife with a single bevel, best suited to right-handed chefs. 
  • Besides the handle, the blade also has a satin finish that makes it non-slippery.
  • Weighing approximately 2.5 pounds, the package dimensions are 15.8 x 4.5 x 1.3 inches

The knife is thick, balanced, and curved, unlike other Japanese-style knives. Consequently, it is well-suited for rocking motions.

Kamikoto 7-inch santoku chef's knife is made of Honshu steel and has a satin finish. It has a less shiny appearance compared to a polished finish, which is more natural-looking.

The knife has been designed to accommodate a wide range of food preparation methods. The blade is hard to beat when you're chopping vegetables or sausage. Even though the tip is a bit thick, the tool is still ideal for nearly any other kitchen task.

Satin Finish

The satin finish on the handle and blade guarantees long-lasting quality and durability.

Honshu Steel

The knife is resistant to corrosion and extremely durable since it is crafted from Honshu steel.

Ash Wood Box

Blades come in boxes made of light ash wood. This box will do the trick for those who focus on natural and earthy accents in their kitchens.


  • It is less likely to scratch due to the satin finish.
  • A high-quality Honshu steel blade is used for this knife.
  • You can hold it comfortably with an ergonomic handle.
  • A wooden storage box is included with this item.


  • Single-edged blade, Left-handed users may find it challenging to use.
  • Some people may find it too heavy.
kamikoto senshi dual knife set

Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand

  • This set includes a chef's knife that measures ten inches and a utility knife that measures five inches.
  • A wooden display stand is included with the Senshi Dual Knife Set. In addition, there is a sturdy wooden box for protection.
  • Weighing approximately 6.2 pounds, the package dimensions are 18.82 x 7.8 x 6.69 inches.

Kamikoto Senshi has a blade set and a wooden display stand. It is aesthetically pleasing to own a Kamikoto knife. With the dual knife set offered here, you get more than just knives, and the stand features well-designed wooden shelves that display the knives. When you need to use the knives, you can easily remove them from the stand.

With the stand, knives can also be dried quickly and with little effort. Plus, the Honshu steel will increase the visual appeal of your kitchen.

The Senshi knife set by Kamikoto includes two of your most essential kitchen knives, a 10" chef's knife, and a 5.5" utility knife. Their heavyweight and well-balanced design make them easy to use and exceptionally well-balanced.

The Senshi knife set comes from Kamikoto's Genten knife series, which uses the same Japanese 420J2 steel as the Kanpeki set above.

A storage box is included with the set to keep your knives protected when they are not being displayed.

Set of 2 Knives

A 10-inch chef knife and a utility knife with a 5.5-inch blade comprise this set. If nothing else, fellow chefs will find it easy to prepare food with this set.

Genten Series

Made out of 420J2 Honshu Japanese steel as Senshi is a part of the Genten series.


After you use this single-bevel and heavy chef's knife for a while, you might not want to use anything else.


  • A set of two knives, a 10-inch chef knife, and a 5.5-inch kitchen knife.
  • Stands for holding knives in a convenient manner.
  • Honshu is high-quality steel used to craft knives.
  • The knives are razor sharp and retain their edge well.


  • In comparison with other knives in similar categories, these knives are heavier.


kamikoto chuka bocho cleaver

Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver

Overall Rating: 5/5

A knife of this kind combines power and precision. Honshu steel is the material used in this knife, and it is widely acclaimed for its hardness and resistance to corrosion.

kamikoto bread knife

Kamikoto Nokogiriha Bread Knife

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The Kamikoto Nokogiriha Bread Knife measures 10 inches and features a serrated saw edge, ideal for cutting through bread. It is the only bread knife which is offered by kamikoto.

kamikoto knife Block

Kamikoto Kenrui Knife Block

Overall Rating: 5/5

Block is constructed from ash wood and hand-crafted. There are five knife slots in the Kamikoto knife block, each of which can accommodate a blade up to 10 inches long.

Comparison of Kamikoto vs Shun Knives

kamikoto vs shun

Kamikoto vs Shun

The traditional Japanese sword making tradition is what gives Kamikoto and Shun their fame and prestige. Knives made by both companies are undoubted of upper quality and highly stunning.

It is now necessary to compare two companies that know how to pack a perfectly functional and visually appealing gift.

Both of these knives have their pros, cons, and histories, making choosing between them a tricky affair.

Using comparison and contrast in this section, you can draw your conclusion about Kamikoto vs Shun.

Process of Making Knives

Kamikoto - During kamikoto's 19-step production process, knives are made with care and attention to detail. It takes quite a bit of time to complete a single piece due to the thoroughness of the process.

To achieve fantastic sharpness, they forge, cool, and polish each blade by hand using traditional methods. There is no corrosion or abrasion on their stainless steel since the steel is tough.

Steel is allegedly mined in Honshu, Japan, although the factory is located in China.

Shun - The steel blends that Shun uses are diverse. The company exclusively uses VG Max as their new blend of super steel. This top variant is incredibly tough, stable, and sharp. Furthermore, it is flexible, making it less likely to break.

Shun follows their 100-step process. However, to keep up with the pace of production, they employ machinery to improve speed and precision even though most polishing and sharpening are still done by hand.

Sharpness of Knives

Kamikoto - Quite similar to Yoshihiro knives, Kamikoto knives are thicker and heavier than the average Japanese knife. Because carbon is predominant in the material, it produces razor-sharp forged blades that are efficient at slicing and cutting.

There are 14 to 18 angles of cut per cut in Kamikoto. This would make it an extremely competitive brand when it comes to sharpness compared to Shun.

Shun - As far as their names are concerned, Shun and sharpness are perfect matches. It is Shun's sharpness that makes it popular with people.

In terms of slicing, cutting, or chopping, Shun has a 16 edge retention score. The lesser edge retention score translates to a greater level of service when compared to a higher score.

3 Piece Japanese Knife Set as Gift

One of the best Japanese knife sets to buy is a three-piece set from Shun and Kamikoto. You might think a set of three knives isn't enough, but they aren't meant to stand alone as all you need. You can choose either of the sets as a gift.

There are some critical differences between kamikoto and shun knives that you must consider when you are contemplating picking the best Japanese knives.

It is apparent that either of these sets is a very nice knife set, and most people would be glad to receive one of them as a gift. If you're searching for a name-brand knife set or one that delivers high performance, then you should check out the SHUN PREMIER 3-PC KNIFE SET.

So, here is our shun knife comparison with komikoto knives. A separate article is needed to review shun knives in detail.

Are Kamikoto Knives Made in China?

Frequently, people ask where Kamikoto knives are made? Kamikoto knives are made in Yanjiang China, is the short answer. 

However, here's the real story: 

Though Kamikoto manufactures its knives in China and Japan, it is an artisanal knife manufacturer. As a result, the price of these knives is pretty high compared with those made of other durable steel.

Kamikoto knives are said to be made from Japanese steel in China, according to the company. Yet, even though they're handcrafted by artisans who have mastered knife making, many people think that knives made in China are inferior to those made in Japan. 

Kamikoto knives are even sometimes referred to as using fake Niigata steel, which is false in all contexts.

Chinese knife makers are not less skilled than Japanese knife makers. The quality of the knives that you receive is determined by their design, materials, and the quality assurance process of the manufacturer. 

However, their country of origin has nothing to do with how bad these knives are compared to other blades.

Kamikoto Knife Set FAQs

Kamikoto Scam - Real or Fake?

There is nothing such as the kamikoto knife scam. The brand is 100 percent genuine and reliable to buy knives. Unfortunately, because the brand is highly regarded and products are pretty expensive, counterfeit products become a part of the market. 

Kamikoto has safeguarded its customers from dishonest schemes by making sure they thoroughly inspect all products before sending them out. Therefore, Kamikoto knives should only be purchased from reputable websites like amazon or kamikoto official website.

Are Kamikoto Knives Legitimate?

Yes, Kamikoto knives are legitimate. In response to questions about Kamikoto's legitimacy, Kamikoto offers a limited lifetime warranty with every knife they manufacture.

What Type of Steel Does Kamikoto Use for Knife Making?

For its Genten Series, Kamikoto uses 420J2 steel, while its Ganjo Series uses SLD steel. All the stainless steel used in kamikoto knives is imported from Honshu Island, Japan.

How to Sharpen a Kamikoto Knife?

Sharpening Kamikoto knives is a delightful process in itself. However, any mistake during the sharpening process can cause severe damage to your blade. To sharpen the knife, kamikoto whetstone is always recommended.

Kaikoto knives must be sharpened regularly, every six months. Nevertheless, as bending them very often, honing them more often is better.

Conclusion - Are Kamikoto Knives Good?

The knives made by Kamikoto belong to the best of Japanese knife makers. All Japanese knives are well-made today so that you can trust them as much as any other.

They, however, are more suited for experienced cooks than beginners, along with their single bevel design. It takes some practice to master this new edge style, but you'll be rewarded with knives that are unbelievably sharp and powerful.

Our Kamikoto knives guide featured some fantastic facts about them and reviews of the best Kamikoto knives available.

But when choosing a kitchen knife, there are many factors to consider; however, it's essential to choose a knife with a high-carbon forged blade that's easy to sharpen and retains its edge for a long time.

While kamikoto knives are pricey, the quality of these knives makes them worth the money. The Kamikoto knife will provide you with years of service due to its elegant display and sturdy mechanism.

As we come to the end of our review, many of you still wonder: Is Kamikoto a good knife?

As for this question, the answer is entirely subjective. However, if you are interested in traditional Japanese knives that are perfect for the kitchen and the display, you should consider having one. 

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